Kid Friendly

I have a heart for mothers and I have worked with many moms and I prefer the challenge of bringing fun foods into the family menu that kids LOVE!!! I have had so many moms tell me their kids hate broccoli or veggies and by the time they taste our yummies the kids honestly fight over who got MORE broccoli and want a second batch. I love cooking in the kitchen with my (little chefs or little clients) and I hope to encourage you to bond with your children in the kitchen too. Fast food is well….fast but not fun, not bonding, not creative, not exciting and it does not build fond life-long memories. While it takes more time to allow children to participate in meal preporation, it is much more messy with little hands in the pot, and its presentation may appear disheveled a bit……. just think of the brilliant masterpieces that will unfold and the bonding that will take place as you cook together. I will give you ideas, tips, and recipes.  Please give me time because I have far more recipes than I have time to write. Once you start cooking with your little chef please send me an email and share the fun stories. Remember, it will not be perfect, it does not have to be perfect, but the outcome will be brilliant. It will be brilliant because even if you have a burnt crooked crust all that your little chef will recall is that you indulged them with a portion of your time and they will feel it was the greatest dish ever made. Who knows, perhaps you will inspire a future chef….that is what my Italian grandmother did for me. Again, thank you for checking in, keep stopping by, send me an email with any questions you may have, and have a GranolaChic Day!!!!!!

The Granola Chic

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