Banana Coconut Popsicles

Banana Coconut Popsicles

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1 Banana for each person you plan to serve. Ripe with some brown spots on the yellow flesh (not mushy, not bruised, just a few brown spots)

1 young coconut (with flesh and coconut water) or use R.W. Knudsen coconut nectar or similar coconut nectar in a 32 oz jar. Plan on using 8oz per person.

Agave Nectar to taste 1-2 Tablespoons or Maple Syrup 1-2 Tablespoons Don’t forget to taste before you pour, you may want to add more sweetener use your own palate to guide you.


Blend, pour into Popsicle molds, and freeze overnight. Serve.


If using fresh young coconut you will need to drain the coconut water out of the coconut and reserve the liquid. Scrape the meat from the coconut and puree until absolutely smooth before adding the other ingredients. If you do not puree until smooth you will have chunks of coconut which some may not mind but all of the children for which I have cooked have had a huge aversion to chunks of anything. Because I have had so much experience dealing with texture issues I have found perfect purees allow ingredients to go into recipes that otherwise would be refused. It develops the palate, offers additional nutrition, and has the added benefit of adding weight to some of my clients or little chefs that need all the help they can get to sneak additional calories into the diet. After you have a smooth puree add your coconut water and blend again, then add the bananas, last add your nectar or preferred sweetener.



Questions: Why will it add weight? Great question. Coconut is a healthy fat and it is so amazing for your health. The great side of this is that the children may want to eat 5 popsicles at a time and there is nothing bad in this popsicle. If they like the flavor and feel like they are getting a naughty treat they may feel it is a sinful delight but it is a healthy habit instead. One popsicle may not add too much weight but the way in which you will be requested to serve these may help with adding a little additional weight to those who need the help.


Variation ADULTS ONLY: For adults add coconut rum to the mix, pour, freeze, and serve. For a frozen beverage make the mix, pour into a container, freeze, spoon out like ice dessert or spoon into the blender again and give it a whirl. Pour into glasses and enjoy a frozen blended drink of Banana & Coconut Rum.


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