Green Eggs & Maple

Green Eggs & Maple

Copyright 2004, GranolaChic, All Rights Reserved

Organic Eggs 1-2 per person

Fleur De Sel or Celtic Sea Salt to taste

Green Powder like Perfect Food Super Green Formula or your favorite variety (one pinch to 2 Tablespoons depending on your palate)

Agave Nectar or Maple Syrup



This is a top request believe it or not and I have not had one child turn their nose up to my very fun green eggs. I created this on a whim wanting to have fun with green eggs and it went over great.

Take organic eggs and mix with a fork add a pinch of Fleur De Sel and anywhere from a pinch to two tablespoons of green powder to the eggs. Add Goat butter or oil in the sauté pan and scramble the eggs to your preferred doneness. Serve with warm maple syrup over the eggs.

Variation: Add maple syrup or Agave Nectar to the egg mixture before cooking the eggs, add Fleur Del Sel to taste (just a pinch), add greens, scramble the eggs and hit with maple syrup before serving.

For those that are all the way GranolaChic, add the greens after cooking the eggs and right before serving. Then drizzle with Agave Nectar or Maple Syrup. Children seem to really love it when the greens are cooked into the food and it takes getting used to if you choose to sprinkle it on top of your food. If you choose to sprinkle the greens on top of the eggs rather than mix the greens into the egg mixture, it does add additional nutrition because the greens are not cooked, the enzymes are not compromised, but it is for those that have acquired a taste for green foods.





Remember to try “A Little Green in Everything”.


Have a GranolaChic Day!!!!!


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