Coffee Milk (alternate name …Brown Milk)

Coffee Milk (alternate name …Brown Milk)

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8 oz Goat Milk, rice milk, almond milk (milk of your choice) I prefer RAW Goat if it is legal in your state or Meyersberg from the cold milk isle.

1 tsp -2 Tablespoons Blackstrap Molasses….Start with the smallest amount and work your way up to the larger measurement

Pour milk, stir in molasses, stir until blended and enjoy it’s that simple.  

OK, so there’s not a drop of coffee in this drink but they feel like they are so grown up with a name like this…we are just being silly. For those non-coffee drinkers the name BROWN MILK works great. I don’t call it CHOCOLATE MILK because I have a recipe for that too and it uses raw chocolate powder (so that name is taken). This may seem oh so silly to you, but if you begin serving your little ones GranolaChic milks your children will let you know exactly which one they want and why.  I created this not only for nutrition but because someone we know was a big Starbucks fan and the kids wanted to join in and enjoy a coffee creation too. They knew this had no coffee but they also knew it was especially wonderful and just for them. Things like this make all the difference in life.


This is something I drink for additional iron, calcium, and nutrients. The children beg for this drink. I am not big on “sneaking or hiding” ingredients in food my style is more being silly, funny, and fun. We just make eating FUN and because it is a child’s nature to play, to be silly, & to have fun, they have no trouble cooperating…..they are just amazed to see that grownups know how to be silly…..that’s what makes it fun, that’s what makes them laugh. Again, it’s the memories. They will always recall coffee milk, perhaps they will crave it into adulthood, and even better yet perhaps they will share coffee milk (brown milk) with their children.

See my link to Raw Goat Dairy in AZ and in TX. The people with whom I deal not only go through the safety measures required by the state but they go above those measures because they care about people and they know that children are getting this product. They take serious the fact that most children drinking this product are doing so because of autism, allergies, or other health issues and they want to have good conscience that their product is going to help not hinder a child’s health. So, look for the link. I will post that soon. I will also tell you why the farms above are so amazing in a later blog.

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