Kid Friendly Kombucha (We use Mango Tango by Odwalla)

Kid Friendly Kombucha

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Let’s talk Kombucha. This recipe is not for KT (Kombucha Tea) and it is not for Odwalla; nor is that our intent. It is for the yummy blend the two make together and the recipe GranolaChic created using Odwalla and KT together for a fast, easy, and healthy treat.  The kids beg for this and they are not getting a lot of Kombucha but they only need a small amount (if you believe in allowing them to drink it in the first place). I suggest researching and seeing what you believe about Kombucha and if you feel this is for you and you feel comfortable and safe growing Kombucha I hope that you enjoy using my idea.

1-2 oz Kombucha Tea

8 oz Mango Tango by Odwalla (feel free to substitute with another brand this is just a GranolaChic favorite)!

That’s it. Just add a small amount of Kombucha Tea to the Mango Tando stir it in the glass and serve.  It tastes almost exactly like orange juice because the KT cuts the sweet notes in the Mango Tango and you have the earthy not quite sour taste of KT. This allows the health benefits but allows the palate to develop and acquire a taste for KT without the aversion. If it is good for you but it does not taste good then it does not matter how good it is for you because it will never help you if you cannot get your children to eat it in the first place. It’s all about the love not the fight. OK, so it’s fun to have a food fight but it’s not fun to fight about food…now think about that one.

Variations: This is the original GranolaChic Mighty Mango Kombucha. Feel free to use other fruits with which you may blend KT from light to strong measurements. Puree of mango is wonderful to add to perfectly brewed KT. Pour KT into a glass add your mango puree (1/4 of a puree of mango added to 8 oz of homemade KT) it’s a taste preference so see what you like. Mix and enjoy. Mix with a wooden chopstick they make great stir sticks. This recipe is straight ahead and strong not sweet. The Mango Tango for kids has the sweet flavor as they add apple juice, orange juice, coconut and other blends to make a delightful drink. GranolaChic’s Mighty Mango, is better for you if you drink without sweetener but if you just have to add sweetener we have added maple syrup or agave nectar (100% organic and pure) to the KT and Mango nothing more and nothing less….but Mighty GOOD hence the name. You can also use this as a marinade for fish or use it for a delicious salad dressing.

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  1. Wow, great recipe! Do you know how old a child has to be for them to drink kombucha without any complications? Great blog, btw!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words.

    You know there are some that feel no child under three years old should drink kombucha. That is really a question for you and your doctor to discuss. I am not really allowed to give diagnosis or prescribe even as a master herbalist.

    I will tell you that I do know of people who allow their toddlers to drink it and they (the mother) also drank it througout pregnancy. Some also advise against that.

    However, I will soon attempt to put info on a blog about Kombucha pros and cons so you may read for yourself and then you may take that info to your natural doctor (some traditional doctors may not have even heard of kombucha… but you may try asking).

    Just so you know Mango Tango is very sweet and once you add the Kombucha it really tastes like orange juice. Yum. And looks a lot like it too.

    Have FUN and let me know how it goes!!

  3. Thanks for the detailed response! I actually don’t have any children, but I want to know just in case! I might have to try the recipe out for myself as well! It sounds delicious!

    Thanks again,

  4. Oh, you are so welcome. I will try to get the post done soon giving more detailed info on Kombucha. I love it and it really does have wonderful properties that have helped me.

    The best part about my job (on the herbalist side of life) is that I get to research and give detailed info so that people get to then take that information and make an informed choice for themselves.

    Have a Great day!
    The Granola Chic

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