Banana Pomegranate Shake

Banana Pomegranate Shake

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1 medium to large pomegranate for each person you plan to serve or the Odwalla brand Pomegranate 100% juice 8oz per person

1 banana for each person you plan to serve


Wash the outside of the pomegranate and then cut into quarters. Fill a glass bowl with cool purified water and remove all of the seeds. Puree your seeds in a blender until absolutely smooth, there will be some seeds remaining as fine as raspberry seeds. Some may not mind the small seeds and others may find it distracting to eat and may find the seeds bothersome. Strain the seeds out and return the seed free juice to the blender and add your banana. Serve.


Fast Easy Version: Instead of using fresh pomegranates or if the grocer does not have deliciously bright, firm, and non bruised pomegranates Odwalla has pomegranate juice and it is very good. You may use their ready made juice as a delicious and healthy alternative to the fresh and a little more time consuming fresh fruit.

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