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Unless otherwise noted all recipes are originals and will display the Copyright year, GranolaChic, All Rights Reserved

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I hope that even one idea will inspire you or help in some way. I have people calling or emailing steadily asking for advice or recipes and hopefully it will be of some help to even more people looking for ideas. Because I love eating this way it felt like a no-brainer and no one taught me but I have also been eating this way for over 14 years. I would not have been able to change overnight nor would I have even known where to start had I wanted such a drastic change. When I look back at my own transformation recognizing that it was not overnight gives me insight to how overwhelmed my clients or friends feel when they are considering a drastic change in their diet. Don’t worry, change will happen. Give yourself time and just fall in love.

When I work with an exclusive family as their private chef or I have some clients that need consultation and instruction it does help to have someone step in and save years on the experience by tailor fitting a menu plan specific to that family (not to mention doing the shopping for them). Not everyone can afford that but everyone deserves that!!!  For those families that have needed to change their entire way of eating immediately we make the proper changes to fit the needs of that family while allowing the experience to be subtle and gentle. Regardless of how fast you change the diet it is not just a physical experience so it is good to allow the mind time to adjust to the changes and for those changes to be gratifying and leave pleasant memories. For those that need to take it slow, we gradually add changes incorporating ingredients that surprise and refresh the palate and create a love for healthy food because believe it or not it can TASTE GREAT!!!! That is the wonderful thing about first being a chef. I love food, I love cooking, I love teaching, I love quality, and it better taste fantastic. So, flavor is the most important thing because if it is healthy but tastes or smells repugnant then the health issue is a mute point because no one is going to continue long-term with something that is not desireable. When it is amazing there is a life-long love affair that intrigues, inspires, and captivates you and this is the soul of GranolaChic. Whether you are a Granola Newbie and just want to get your feet wet with a few recipes to see what you think about Healthy Foods before you dive in, whether you are a full blown Granola, Raw Foodist, or whether you are in the middle and you still cherish your (other) vices yet you savor the earthy aroma and textures of whole foods hopefully we have something for everyone.

 Have a GranolaChic® Day!!!!

The Granola Chic®

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