Whole Wheat Penne Pasta with Mixed Olives

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1  16oz box dry whole wheat penne or other pasta (you may use fresh pasta) You may also use gluten free pasta

1 jar Mixed Olive Tapenade (Trader Joe’s) (or 12 oz of fresh raw olive tapenade) See Whole Food Recommendations

Fleur De Sel or celtic sea salt  (to taste)

Pepper (optional): either cracked fresh  or red pepper like ancho or pascilla (this can be spicy so watch out if you are serving this dish to children)

Organic garlic powder to taste a pinch up to 1/16 tsp.

Organic onion powder to taste a pinch up to 1/16 tsp.

Pine nuts a small handful around 1/4 cup

Fresh diced tomato for garnish on each plate

Cheese: Pictured without cheese we served each individual with fresh shaved or grated raw sheep’s milk cheese much like a hard Parmesan cheese. Also, see ideas below.

Boil water and make certain you get a rapid boil or the pasta will be gummy. Add pasta and cook until al dente. Remove from heat, drain, and put into a mixing bowl (preferably glass). Add mixed olive tapenade whether fresh or the jar variety. Sprinkle with garlic, onion powder, red pepper or cracked pepper (optional), add a dash of salt and mix. Add pine nuts and grated cheese, and garnish with fresh diced tomatoes, and serve warm/room temp but not hot.


other cheese options could be grated fontina cheese a GranolaChic favorite. Fontina is a semi-soft cheese mild, sweet, silky, faint earthy notes, and buttery. It melts creamy and is a beautiful cheese. Another fun idea for kids is small pearl size mozzerella balls.

Leftovers: I like it better the second day because we preheat a pan at medium heat, I do not add oil because the tapenade has enough oil in the mixture. Just take the entire pot of leftover pasta and re-heat until heated through. Yes, I have cheated and just mix everything together the first day after cooking the pasta and after I mix the ingredients I just go ahead and put it back in the pan to finish it off and give it that flavor I like so much. Do not microwave this becasue the flavor develops in the pan and the texture and flavor will suffer if you try this in the microwave. Serve warm. Top with fresh grated Parmesan, aged raw goat cheese, or grated Fontina.

You may also add basil or seasoned grilled asparagus tips to this dish. I will attatch the recipe soon for asparagus

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