Basil Chips

Basil Chips

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1 Bunch of Fresh Basil leaves

½ cup – 1 Cup Olive Oil or Coconut Oil

Fleur De Sel to taste

Brown grocery sack (on which to dry the fried leaves)


I had never heard of such a thing but because I flavor my cooking oils I began making chips out of the basil leaves, salting the fresh cooked Basil Leaves with Fleur De Sel and the children fought like mad over the crunchy little morsels. I do the same thing with fresh Spinach…..A tricky way to get someone to fall in love with Spinach, is it not? OK, so I do not really trick them, they know that it is healthy, but they very much enjoy this treat.



Gather a bundle of fresh basil leaves, sort, wash, and pat dry with a kitchen towel or paper towels. Heat your sauté pan to a medium heat, add your oil, do not allow the oil to come to a smoke point because it will burn your basil, but allow the oil to get hot enough to fry your chips. Test one leaf and you will get the feel for the perfect temperature. Add in your basil leaves and watch them very close because they will cook fast. When they develop a nice color use your tongs to remove them from the oil, immediately salt them with Fleur De Sel, while allowing them to drain on the paper sack. Don’t be surprised if they disappear before you finish frying the entire batch.


Use the oil for other tasty treats like sautéed okra with basil oil (I will post this recipe soon) or any combination of veggies that you desire to sauté in basil oil. You may want to drizzle it over popcorn with Fleur De Sel and dried herbs of your choice, add as a base for salad oil, the possibilities are endless.


These Basil Chips can also be used for garnish on any of your favorite dishes.


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