GranolaChic is Gearing up ARE YOU???

Back to School is such a busy time for mom and dad but let The GranolaChic help you pack healthy, allergy friendly snacks and lunches to keep your little ones full of energy and mental stamina to get through their busy days!!

We have IBD that runs in our family and my oldest (21)  has Celiac Disease so we know first hand what it means to live a gluten-free life. As a chef flavor is top priority but health and nutrition are non-negotiable. If you have any recipes that you just love and want to have a gluten-free or allergy friendly alternative The GranolaChic will be happy to work with you to modify your favorite recipes into treats that are still delicious and healthy!!

Have a GranolaChic Day!!  

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GranolaChic ™ \ˈshēk\


GranolaChic (Earthy, Wholesome, Goodness, Raw, yet with sophistication).  (Food and a description of a lifestyle, it seemed fitting for a chef that not only loves gourmet but is also a natural foods chef)

CHIC  Pronunciation: \ˈshēk\ : smart elegance and sophistication

The founder of  GranolaChic™ coined the phrase to summarize her philosophy. She didn’t know if people would appreciate the oxymoron and has enjoyed how much people do seem to relate. The response has been overwhelmingly accepting for such an incongruous combination of words. It seems more people relate to what would seem such an incompatible pairing knowing it is not at all impossible to be both Granola and Chic at the same moment. There are a lot of us out there!

Sometimes people think it is GranolaChic  like Chick but it is taking a spin on health; adding a balance of elegance and depth to an earthy goodness.

Have a GranolaChic™  day and thank you for all of your comments as we certainly love sharing with you the things that we  love the most. Our hope is that is adds joy and simplicity to your life.

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Merry Christmas!!!!

Hello everyone, we just want to wish you a lovely and wonderful Christmas!!!!!

It has been a lot of fun having you visit this year and we will be posting lots of fun recipes in the new year. We look forward to posting great store purchased recommendations as well as whole food yummies (recipes) for you to enjoy.

 Have a Blessed and WONDERFUL Holiday together. A friend sent me this line and I really love it… I want to share it with you.

“Only two defining forces have
ever offered to die for you,
Jesus Christ and the American G.I.
One died for your soul; the other
for your freedom.”     Jesus died for both because with our soul it gives us freedom in Christ too, isn’t that awesome!!!

Merry Christmas to you and your families!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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