Whole Pantry DOLMAS Vegan (Recommendation)

This is delicious and such a healthy snack to keep around in the pantry. Great for a party, excellent to keep on hand just in case company pops by, we serve these to our kid clients because they love them, and these are my personal favorite store purchased Dolmas. They come in a glass jar that I re-use for an assortment of things. I make homemade Dolmas often but when I don’t feel like working in the kitchen for one of my favorite treats……these Dolmas are just really Delicious. I highly recommend them.

Rice stuffed grape leaves. Look for this product at Whole Foods.


Organic Toaster Pastries (Nature’s Path)

coconut-oil-toast-026.jpg coconut-oil-toast-025.jpg

Yummie Yum Yum!! An excellent alternative to “the brand we grew up eating” with all of those horrible ingredients (can you possibly name them all and still want to eat them)? We use and recommend the non-icing version because some of our clients have children that do not eat additional sugar in their diet. This is not just a better alternative they are really good. Half of our clients love Blueberry and the other half love strawberry. I love the Blueberry. These also make a great backpack snack. They run $2.39 per box and up to $2.99 per box. Wild Oats has them on sale quite often. Great buy. They do contain gluten.

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Mixed Olive Bruschetta (Trader Joe’s)


Olive Tapenade can be found at any gourmet grocer but at $2.99 per jar this is a great bargain. At GranolaChic® we make our own olive tapenade; however it is very expensive to make because we use raw kalamata olives that we import from Greece (because they are out of this world and the grower is a wonderfully kind man). We always have a jar or two of the Trader Joe’s version on hand at the office and I recommend it to our clients for fun, fast, and kid friendly cooking. I will give recommendations for tapenade uses and recipes on a later blog as there are so many things you can do with tapenade. Tapenade is not just for toast anymore!!!!

Have fun and play with your food!!!

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Whole Wheat Tandoori Naan (Trader Joe’s)


This is a whole wheat indian style flatbread that we use weekly for a variety of items. This Naan can be found at Trader Joe’s. We will list a few ideas below but just have fun and play with  your food!!!


1.Take a flatbread and spread evenly with fresh goat milk Chèvre and top with your favorite preserve. We love fig but apricot or blackberry is delicious because the Chèvre tastes much like cream cheese.

2. A flatbread with Chèvre and an olive tapenade is wonderful.

3. A flatbread with fresh Buffalo Mozzerealla slices (or goat cheese mozzerella, fresh basil, tomato slices or diced tomato (your preference) see note**a quick shake of garlic powder (or fresh minced garlic) optional, and a pinch of kosher sea salt and serve. ** for diced tomato wash and dry tomatoes, cut and remove seeds from the tomatoes, turn tomatoes open side down and the shiny skin side will face upward, cut into strips, and then dice. You may use them as they are or place them into a bowl with balsamic vinegar and add to the top of your flatbread after you have placed the mozzerella and basil. Eat fresh or toast the flatbread by brushing with olive oil on both sides and then broil on both sides just until lightly browned.

4. We have even been naughty and eaten with melted carob chips spread over the surface of the bread and sprinkled with ground pumpkin seeds. Very yummy.

5. We have also used this flatbread for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The possibilities are endless.

Have a GranolaChic Day!!!

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Seaweed Rice Crackers (365)

These are a quick yummy snack and  economical at under $2.00 per package (a Whole Foods purchase I think they are around $1.65 per bundle)  Savor the salty crunch. The babies love them and we love them with a slice of raw goat cheese cheddar or mozzarella flavor. A great choice for serving at a gathering as they do not have a strong seaweed flavor. They also have a variety of other flavors this is just a GranolaChic favorite.

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