GranolaChic™ Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (Fast & Easy Version)


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We start with Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix for our easy version. You do not need a mixer for this recipe just a medium size bowl, a great mixing spoon, a cookie sheet and you are ready to go. Your house is going to smell SOOOOO yummy. Your kids will think you slaved away making them naughty cookies.



22oz package Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free Wheat Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix

2 Tablespoons ENERG Egg Replacer (Parve)

2 Tablespoons purified or distilled  water

1 Tablespoon vanilla extract (alcohol free if available) or one vanilla bean…. scrape the seeds and save the skins for your sugar canister….you’ll be glad that you did!! See tips.

1-2 Tablespoons Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses or use Organic Yacon syrup for almost the same flavor

2 Tablespoons maple syrup or agave nectar (you may prefer honey but it will change the flavor)

Preheat your oven to 350. In a medium stainless steel or glass bowl add 2 Tablespoons of your Egg Replacer, then add 1 Tablespoon at a time of your water…it’s better to add it slowly to make certain you are happy with the consistency. What you want is a frothy almost creamy mixture. It will look something like that of Marshmallow cream, not a thick paste. Next, add 1 Tablespoon of pure vanilla extract (if adding vanilla beans just add them to your egg replacer mixture) give a gentle turn or two to fold in the vanilla, add your Maple Syrup and again just lightly fold to combine, then add 1-2 Tablespoons of Molasses or Organic Yacon syrup it will give your cookies that extra depth of flavor…believe me it will make a wonderful difference you don’t want to skip this step. Just give a few turns of your spoon to combine all of your liquids. Next, add ½ cup of Coconut Oil (see tips for options). Slowly ( 1/2 cup at a time) add the entire package of cookie mix to your wet mixture using your spoon to combine the wet and dry ingredients. If you have chosen to use Coconut oil in a soft but not melted stage your cookies will be more crumbly in texture in the batter stage…don’t worry just mix the batter with your spoon until the ingredients come together and then shape cookie dough into balls 1 ½ in diameter (Bob’s Red Mills says not quite Two Tablespoons). If you use the coconut oil in the soft but not melted (liquid) stage your finished product will be a more fluffy cookie with a soft center and crunchy on the outside. Place cookies directly onto a prepared cast iron cookie sheet OR directly onto parchment paper. Place in the pre-heated oven and bake until golden brown. Usually 10-12 minutes but watch them and pull them when they are turning golden brown. If you decide to use coconut oil that is room temp (liquid not but not heated) your batter will be a little looser but the cookies will still turn out nice. They will be more flat after baking but still very yummy and they will have a nice crunch on the outside while remaining soft on the inside. If the batter is really loose they will be flat and crunchy. (Again, see tips for options).

The cookies will barely have time to cool before eaten and they will probably NEVER see the inside of a cookie jar!!!  Makes 24 cookies.






Adding your water one Tablespoon at a time allows you to add more liquid if it is too thick but if it is too loose that is a little more of a issue to fix. It allows you more control over your batter consistency.

To save time use ONE medium size bowl. Start with your egg replacer and just flow the rest of the directions. It turns out just as good as if you had used a small bowl for wet ingredients and a medium bowl for dry and then combined the two. You will have less clean up and save time…who doesn’t want that!

Yes, we realize that we are not following the directions of the Egg Replacer but this is what works for us because we are adding so many other liquids. Don’t be afraid to play with your food, on a humid day you may need to add less water. As long as you do not have a past but rather a bit of a frothy mixture you know you have it right even if you add just a dab more or a smidge less water.

If you want the old fashioned version we will include that one in our first GranolaChic Desserts cookbook. However, this is just hassle free, fast, and easy. This recipe will be released in ‘GranolaChic’ Fast, Fun, & Fabulous Cookbook.

Coconut Oil is so delicious with which to cook. We use the Organic 76 Degree Coconut Oil that does not have the flavor of coconut but the healthy properties are there. There are recipes where we use the full flavored Coconut Oil depending on the recipe. Try both ways and see if you want this cookie to have that additional flavor. We have tried both and depending on the mood and meal we choose our oil accordingly. You cannot ever go wrong with Chocolate and Coconut!!

Those vanilla beans: Oh yes….add those little lovelies to your organic sugar canister. The perfume and flavor will make everything you bake taste better, make your coffee taste better, and if you just need a vanilla fix it’s nice to just steal a nice whiff of the perfume from time to time.

This recipe takes 5 minutes to throw together, 12 mintues to bake, and you have cookies in hand and smiles on little faces VERY FAST. Even big kids like this.

Super naughty version is to take two cookies while still warm and place chocolate chips (or CAROB chips) between the two for a chocolate chip cookie sandwich. Another option is to add delicious ganache between two cooled cookies for a fall down on the ground, very naughty cookie sandwich.


GranolaChic ™ \ˈshēk\ “Cinnamon Roll”ed Tortillas


Try this simple Cinnamon Roll inspired dessert for a gluten free or almost gluten free cinnamon roll treat that the big kids and little kids alike are sure to enjoy!  (Gluten-free depending on the tortillas you use). You don’t have to wait for the dough to rise, I promise as soon as they come out of the oven they disappear. They are super super easy, super fast, and super yummy. You will be  a hit with your kids…….they do have calories, and organic sugar so beware.


WARNING: You may NEVER EVER NEVER want to mess with the old fashioned cinnamon rolls again once you taste these and see how fast and easy they are to make!!!



 Rolled Version





(rolled version)






In the photo I heavily dusted mine with organic powdered sugar but you can lightly dust them, drizzle with icing over the top just like cinnamon rolls, you can also serve them as I do sometimes with just the yummy gooey buttery cinnamon sugar stuffing from the inside drizzled over the top. You cannot go wrong no matter how you top this easy treat.


Cinnamon Roll Tortillas




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1 batch (12) of homemade tortillas: (or 1-2 packages of your favorite tortillas I use organic spelt in wheat or regular if I buy tortillas). You can find this at Whole foods spelt has low gluten and the gluten is easier for our body to digest that regular gluten. The brand that is so delicious is …..Rudi’s Organic Bakery Spelt Tortillas.

Salted Organic butter (or Amish Butter): I use this because of the high salt content and believe it or not,  it makes this taste more sweet.

Organic powdered sugar

Organic sugar cane

Organic cinnamon ground

1-2 pie plates


Heat oven to 350 and simply lay a tortilla flat on your pie plate. Generously sprinkle with ground cinnamon, dust with both sugars, add generous portions of butter in pats evenly placed around the tortilla. Place in the oven just long enough for the butter to melt and the sugars to combine with the butter to make a gooey filling (5 minutes). Remove from oven, spread the filling with the back of a spoon to distribute the gooey filling, roll your tortilla and then cut. I use the back of a small cereal spoon to lightly press the tortilla and to portion out pieces I am cutting with the knife. Add the left over juices from the pan on top of each serving and eat them up, you may also make a delicious cream cheese frosting and drizzle over the top, or dust with organic powdered sugar. While you are serving one batch simply slide the next batch in the oven and before the first batch is devoured your second batch is ready to cut. This is a fun and very easy naughty treat that tastes just as good as cinnamon rolls without all of the fuss and without all of the additional bulky bread filling. I hope you enjoy!!!! Better yet, I hope your kids enjoy!!!!! 


Have  A GranolaChic Day!!!!


Tips:The filling should be VERY messy, don’t worry if there is so much gooey filling that there is a lot left in the pie plate. The next batch that cooks will get the yummy filling on top and bottom and that won’t hurt a thing…it will only add to the flavor.


Alternative: You also do not have to Roll  the tortillas. You may simply fold them if it is easier and less messy. When your tortilla comes out of the oven take your fork or knife and use it to fold the tortilla in half, then make even slices in the tortilla, next fold each slice, drizzle with desired topping,  and serve. See photos below for the folded version. 


This is the folded version, the rolled version is just simple you take it from the oven and roll it up as you would cinnamon rolls and then cut slices. Drizzle and serve (see top photo for rolled version, the finished product looks like a small cinnamon roll). Either way works fine. Happy eating.




1. If you can see the pan has lots of cinnamon sugar butter mixture, it is messy and that’s ok.





2. Step two, simply fold in half. You will use the additional gooey drippings to drizzle over the top later!!!




3. Slice strips and before folding add more of the pan drippings to each slice, so that each serving has more gooey center.


4. Fold.



Folded Version



5. Place on plates, drizzle with topping and serve.



Why tortillas? I have a client that is allergic to baker’s yeast as well as many other items. They cannot have traditional cinnamon rolls, breads, etc. One of my goals in working with people is meeting their cravings in fun ways even if it is not the traditional food that would first come to mind. For those with yeast allergies flat-breads, raw sprouted and dehydrated, as well as crackers are great substitutes. It’s one of those things where you just have to break the rules and PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD. 



I have a special little chef in my life that is allergic to cow dairy, wheat, oats, yeast both baker’s and brewer’s as well as many other things so the tortillas I mentioned above would not work for an individual with oat allergies because those specific tortillas have oat in the ingredient list. I make special tortillas or flatbreads for that individual. If you have specific allergies or are cooking for someone with specific allergies feel free to email me and I will be more than happy to give you ideas or recipes to meet the needs of high allergy sensitive people.



Remember: Add a little bit of green to everything!!

































GranolaChic™ Perfect Snow-Cone Syrup (with fresh fruit)

 Who doesn’t like snow-cones? We have them almost every day; yes even in the cold, as our naughty treat (but there’s nothing naughty about this treat). It’s also a RAW food.

GranolaChic’s Perfect Snow-Cone Syrup  (with fresh fruit)

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1/2 bag Frozen Organic Fruit (Strawberry, Blueberry, or other)

1/4 Cup – 1/2 Cup Maple Syrup or alternate sweeteners like organic brown rice syrup, Agave Nectar, Simple Syrup from organic sugar, etc (The sweetener needs to be sweet and make it to taste…..each batch will be a little different depending on the ripeness of the fruit you are using)

ICE and your snow-cone machine

This will serve Two with enough for seconds. For a family of Four an entire bag of frozen fruit will usually leave enough for left-overs.  

The recipe I created with fresh/frozen fruit has been a HUGE hit with even children that do not like organic or healthy food. They didn’t even know the snow-cones were not traditional and they asked for seconds!!!

For two children take ½ bag of frozen fruit like organic strawberries or organic blueberries and allow them to thaw for a few hours in the fridge and then blend them until perfect and smooth. Then add your favorite sweetener (to taste because each batch will vary depending on the ripeness of the fruit) you may use simple syrup, organic rice syrup, maple syrup, Agave Nectar, and blend. Add this as Perfect snow-cone syrup. Maple syrup works the best and it tastes the most like the real snow-cone syrups…only….your kids are getting REAL fruit.You can also use fresh fruit in the same measurement as the frozen fruit, blend, add sweetener, and serve.

TIPS: If you are in a big hurry or you simply do not want to prep or wash the blender ….take Cascadian Farms Organic Fruit Juice in Concentrate and allow it to thaw in the fridge for a few hours. When the juice has thawed completely, prepare your snow-cones and use the Un-Diluted  juice as your snow-cone syrup. No FUSS, No MESS, No CLEAN-UP. They have really yummy flavors grape, raspberry, etc.

Other ideas: This is great over ice cream, mascarpone cheese, Chèvre with this syrup as a generous topping for faux cheesecake, serve over brownies as a drizzle, angel food cake, strawberry shortcake…OH YES, serve with cake, the ideas are endless. Add fresh fruit as a garnish on the plate, bowl, or platter and serve.

More ideas: If you take the fruit and you do not allow it to thaw and you blend it by adding the sweetener along with the fruit into the blender it creates a wonderful granita quality treat.

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Cascadian Farm Organic Raspberry Juice (Recommendation)

We have purchased the Cascadian Farm Organic Raspberry Juice in frozen concentrate and it went over with EXCELLENT reviews by children. Moms and Dads liked it too.

 We say fresh is best but for those moments when you need something FAST and EASY and you want to also be HEALTHY we love to give recommendations on products we have tested ourselves and we feel confident you will love. Hopefully, it will save you money and time by helping you choose products that have a great flavor and have been pre-tested by children, instead of wasting money on products that taste like cardboard and have wasted your time and money.

Tips: This makes wonderful Popsicles.

Another idea is to take the juice in concentrate form and put it in the fridge for a few hours. Allow it to thaw completely. Then use the concentrated juice (not diluted) as a YUMMY snow cone syrup. Try Grape, Raspberry, or any of the flavors for really yummy snow-cone syrup. Your children will never want a sugar based snow-cone AGAIN. And, you’ll be their HERO. How can you get better than that?

The syrup can be made fresh for snow-cones too and I will hopefully post recipes soon on how to make the syrup from organic frozen fruit and Agave or Maple syrup which we make on a daily basis at GranolaChic.

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Pomegranate Glaze

Pomegranate Glaze

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 1 large pomegranate

1/4 cup maple syrup or Agave nectar (to taste…. you may need more or less depending on the sweetness of the fruit, as each fruit can be more or less ripe)

This will top one batch of brownies so double the recipe if you have a large cake or want to have enough for seconds. It is a modest amount and should give 1/2 cup of glaze. 

Take the pomegranate and wash it thoroughly, cut into quarters, submerge into ice-cold water, remove all seeds, remove all peel and pith (discard peel and pith unless using it for another project), take the seeds and process them in a blender or food processor, strain any remaining seeds out for a smooth texture (if you enjoy the seeds leave them in, the texture will be much like that of a dish prepared with blackberry or raspberry if you leave the seeds in the dish), add agave nectar or maple syrup, to taste, blend one final time. Place over medium heat and warm while allowing the glaze to reduce until the glaze coats the back of the spoon with which you are using to stir. Remove from heat and either serve warm over ice cream, brownies, warm toasty nut bread or something like our coconut cranberry bread with pomegranate glaze, you may also allow to cool and then put into a squeeze bottle for use later and top pancakes, waffles, or anything your heart desires.

This is extremely simple and very good. It can be prepared RAW and it will not be as thick but it has a wonderful flavor either way.

RAW: Simply take the pomegranate and wash it thoroughly, cut into quarters, submerge in ice-cold water, remove all seeds, remove all peel and pith (discard unless using for another project), take the seeds and process them in a blender or food processor, strain any remaining seeds out for a smooth texture (if you like the seeds leave them in….it will be much like that of blackberry or raspberry seeds if you leave them), add agave or maple syrup to taste and blend one final time. Drizzle over chocolate cake, banana bread or walnut raisin bread, brownies, ice cream etc. Tips: We love to make simple faux cheesecake.

We take goat chevre (you may use mascarpone cheese or cream cheese) and place it in a cocktail glass add pomegranate glaze or blueberry puree over the top of the chunks of cheese and the kids think it is dreamy. You make it in five minutes, it’s just a fast/fun dessert.

Blueberry puree is made the same way. Simply take a bag of frozen organic blueberries and blend them until smooth, add maple syrup or agave nectar to taste (it should be very sweet) this is amazing over homemade snow-cones, ice cream, faux cheesecake, real cheesecake, you name it, it’s great. We enjoy this best cold and not heated. By using the blueberries frozen it is much like a blueberry slushy or if thick enough a granita. Way too sweet for us to eat alone but as a topping it is very delicious.