Whole Pantry DOLMAS Vegan (Recommendation)

This is delicious and such a healthy snack to keep around in the pantry. Great for a party, excellent to keep on hand just in case company pops by, we serve these to our kid clients because they love them, and these are my personal favorite store purchased Dolmas. They come in a glass jar that I re-use for an assortment of things. I make homemade Dolmas often but when I don’t feel like working in the kitchen for one of my favorite treats……these Dolmas are just really Delicious. I highly recommend them.

Rice stuffed grape leaves. Look for this product at Whole Foods.


Organic Juice (Recommendation) R.W. Knudsen organic apple

R.W. Knudsen Organic Unsweetened Apple juice is SOOOOOO delicious and it would be hard to beat the flavor!! It is naturally sweet.

We have tried the 365 brand at Whole Foods and the kids REJECTED the juice. We even did a blind taste test with children to see if they could tell the difference and THEY COULD EVERY TIME. We at GranolaChic could tell too and we usually really endorse the 365 brand. It just cannot touch the R.W. Knudsen juice.

Value: We purchase the 1 gallon glass jugs and we use the jugs again later for other juices or for water. The smaller quantities cost more if you compare the price in gallon containers. The rate is around 7.99-8.99 per gallon. You can get sales on the non-organic but recall how important organic is especially for fruits like apples, strawberries, blueberries, & grapes. Little ones have such a hard time with pesticides because of the size of their bodies and the amount of toxins in non-organic fruits. It’s worth the few extra dollars to prevent illness if you can at all afford to do so.

Tips:I heard the argument once that larger companies with commercial crops that have taken on organics have organic food but the food gets over-sprayed with some chemicals. If this is a concern, try to buy local organic produce because the crops are small and you know they don’t have the commercial crop close to have concerns with over-spray. Also, purchase from companies that are small and they don’t share crops with commercial growers.

Last: We endorse making fresh organic juice at home (because fresh is the best). We make everything from carrot, orange, apple, to mixed juices. I will try to post some of those recipes soon. If you have any requests email and let me know.

Have a GranolaChic® day and try A Little bit of Green in Everything!

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