GLUTANO Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Pasta (Tagliatelle) Recommendation

The kids around here do not go without beef stroganoff or home made chicken noodle soup just because they cannot eat foods that contain gluten. This store purchased pasta makes old fashioned dishes like this just one of many daily options for delicious gluten free meals. The pasta is also suitable for vegetarians, check back soon for our vegetable noodle soup served with this pasta.

The company is GLUTANO and we purchase ours at Whole Foods. It is offered for a reasonable price and it is a pleasant tasting pasta. Those that don’t have to eat gluten-free would even like this pasta. It is a little more firm and does not get as soft in chicken noodle soup so it is nice for leftovers.

 See our home made chicken noodle soup (gluten-free).


Perfetto Fagiolini (perfect green beans)

Perfetto Fagiolini (perfect green beans)

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Green beans (a generous handful for each person that will be served)

Fleur De Sel or Celtic Sea Salt

1/2 – 1 tsp Organic Onion Powder to taste

1/8- 1/4 tsp Organic Garlic Powder to taste

2 Tablespoons Organic Olive Oil or Organic Coconut Oil (for sauté pan)

2 Tablespoons Organic Olive Oil or Organic Coconut Oil (for finishing the dish)

Braggs Amino Acids (to taste)(if your diet will allow… soy restrictions need to check with your physician)

3-4 cloves Organic Garlic sliced


Gather the most fresh, bright green, Haricots verts, Fagiolini, green beans (whatever you choose to call them) and prepare to have your children begging for more. Children honestly fight for the last serving of these delicious beauties.

 If you do not have access to the fresh variety I have found that sometimes Sam’s has a frozen organic green bean that is delightful and very sweet. If you cannot locate these do not fret because any high grade organic frozen green bean will work just fine.  Add Olive oil to the sauté pan and then add your green beans. Add a pinch of garlic powder, a pinch of onion powder, and a pinch of Fleur De Sel and Sauté until the beans are al dente (means to the tooth) so not soggy, not soft, firm but not completely raw. Right before they are finished cooking add (to taste) the Braggs Amino Acids I use 2 Tablespoons. If the beans look like they need more oil add the additional olive oil and allow the oil to marry with the Braggs. Before serving sprinkle with the additional organic garlic powder, organic onion powder and serve. Offer Fleur De Sel at the table for personal salt preference.   

Variations: For those that cannot use Braggs use the same recipe just omit the Braggs completely. This makes a wonderful dish either way.

I also enjoy adding sliced garlic in this dish and if you choose to do this sauté the garlic in oil before adding the green beans. Continue with the recipe as above and enjoy. By using sliced garlic it is easy to pick out the pieces of garlic by allowing your guest to push them to the side of the plate if they do not want to eat the pieces. It makes it a friendlier dish rather than using minced garlic because it offers the wonderful flavor and aroma without forcing someone to eat the chunks of garlic.

Have a GranolaChic day and don’t forget to “ add a little green to everything”!!